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Welcome to SpeedFly Sports! Established in 2003, SpeedFly Sports also known as The Ground Launch Center  was the first Speed Flying School developed. Being the longest operating Speed Flying School with the highest level of experience combined with our exemplary safety record makes SpeedFly Sports the industry leader for all your Speed Flying training and equipment needs.  


Speed Flying is one of the most exciting and exhilarating non-motorized aerial sports you will ever experience. This style of low level flight has rapidly spread through the flying community all over the world and is growing daily.

You can also be a part of this new and exciting flying style. SpeedFly Sports offers student pilots the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of Speed Flying, requiring no previous experience to start. The skills and techniques you will learn from Speed Flying will also greatly improve your flying abilities in similar crossover sports such as Skydiving and Paragliding.  At SpeedFly Sports, you will learn how to leave the ground with your wing, how to use all control inputs and how to harness the full potential of your wing to fly and land safely.

So if you like to fly and like what you've seen, come join us and learn from the leaders at SpeedFly Sports.


Tel: 1-813-205-8851

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