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Here at SpeedFly Sports we have the experience and ability to teach all facets of Para-Flying including basic to advanced Speed Flying, basic to advanced canopy piloting for Skydivers and Advanced Swooping. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or an experienced pilot, we provide training for all levels in the most efficient and safe atmosphere possible. We have training programs available for individuals who are looking to excel past their current flying abilities with specific goals. Our training programs are designed for pilots that want to achieve and learn at a higher rate. 

Duane Hall

Owner & Chief Instructor

Duane Hall has been a part of flying sports for over 20 years and has nearly 20,000 flights on a wide variety of wings.  He has flown all over the world from Europe to New Zealand.  He is a factory test pilot for NZ Aerosports and hold several rating including and USHPA license, USPA license, USPA coach rating and canopy pilot coach rating.  As well he was a member of the Pro Swooping tour.

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