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Speed Flying Basic Requirements & Training Overview:

At SpeedFly Sports, NO previous experience is required to participate in the Speed Flying basic training course.

The basic course is a one to four day instructional course in which first time pilots will learn the fundamentals of Speed Flying.

Day one: 

  • Introduction to the equipment and how to perform a preflight inspection on your gear
  • Launch sequence and practice the layout,
  • Forward launch run ups 
  • Begin ground handling drills.

Day two: 

  • Continue building on the fondations of day one.
  • Mini flights from the base of the hill 

Day three:

  • Continue building on the fondations of day one and two
  • Launch from lower training hill and begin to increase your flying time 

Day four:

  • Continue building on the fondations of day one, two, and three
  • Begin on the training hill with pilots continuing to improve on the proper skill sets to gain proficiency 
  • Advance to the intermediate hill. 


Check out the all inclusive package below for more details and pricing. We also offer customized courses that can be tailored to meet the desired goals for an individual or group. Contact us for more information about scheduling your customized course. 


4 Day Basic Speed Flying Course:

All Inclusive Price: $1300

Price Includes:  Daily park fees, gear rental (excluding helmet & shoes), ground school, training, debriefs and 4X4 transportation at the training hill. Also included is lodging.

Beginner / Basic 1-4 Days

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